Simplify Operations


Migrating to the cloud means there are more moving pieces to monitor and manage. As we have learned, Dynatrace fully automates monitoring through OneAgent and the native integration with AWS.

This is an example of Dynatrace in action where Davis detected a problem. It’s showing the business impact and root cause of the issue in a simple, straight-forward way that everybody understands.


All the high-fidelity data collected by OneAgent is constantly ingested into the AI and through that deterministic AI capabilities Dynatrace identifies the actual root cause with unmatched precision. Davis also helps in providing you the business impact analysis in terms of applications, services, infrastructure components and the real users impacted by a certain anomaly.


How this helps

Post-migration, Dynatrace’s deterministic AI engine, DAVIS, helps you run your applications smoothly, pinpointing production issues with root-cause information right at your fingertips. DAVIS leverages Smartscape dependency data, as well as the high-fidelity monitoring data from OneAgent. The AI can be fed with external events such as deployment or configuration change events from your CI/CD or deployment automation tools.

DAVIS’ unique capabilities for automated root cause detection can be integrated with ChatOps, VoiceOps, or auto-remediation actions. This brings your operation teams closer to what we call Autonomous Operations and enables business teams to make better decisions based on monitoring data by using voice or chat commands.