Review easyTravel


Review EC2 instances

Let’s first review the EC2 instances where the easyTravel application is running by opening the AWS portal ec2 instances page.

Here there are two instances that both run the easyTravel application. The one named: YOUR_LAST_NAME-workshop-ez is deployed as a bunch of standalone processes. The other one named: YOUR_LAST_NAME-workshop-ez-docker deploys the application as multiple Docker containers using Docker Compose.

2 . Click on the VM called YOUR_LASTNAME-dynatrace-modernize-workshop-ez


This will open a detail page where you can you find info about your instance. Referring to the picture below, check out the following for your instance:

  1. the Public IP to get to the EZ travel application
  2. the security group that was added to expose the ports
  3. AMI running Linux (ubuntu 18.04) host
  4. Instance Type


Dynatrace OneAgent

These two EC2 Instances were created using a CloudFormation Script and the user data boot scripts where used to installing easyTravel and the Dynatrace OneAgent.

If you were wondering HOW we already installed the Dynatrace OneAgent, just right click on the host named YOUR_LAST_NAME-workshop-ez and pick the Instance settings menu and then View/Change user data


These two command will download and run the OneAgent installer. The URL and token you entered earlier were passed as parameters to the CloudFormation template.


Learn more about the various ways the OneAgent can be installed, check out the Dynatrace documentation

Open the easyTravel application

1 . Back on the ec2 instance page for YOUR_LAST_NAME-workshop-ez, use the copy button to copy the public IP.


2 . Then in a new Browser tab, paste that IP, http://PUBLIC-IP, to view the EasyTravel application. You should see a webpage that looks like this:


The application may take several minutes to start, so don’t panic if it does not immediately appear. Just keep the browser tab open and occasionally hit refresh.

3 . Back on the ec2 instance page, copy the public IP Dockerized version named YOUR_LAST_NAME-workshop-ez-docker.

4 . Then in an additional browser tab, paste that IP, http://PUBLIC-IP, to view the EasyTravel application. Again, it may take few minutes to be available.

Continue with the review

While the application is starting, let us now move to the next section to review what we can see now in Dynatrace.