By just installing the OneAgent, we have now gained a detailed topological view of easyTravel from the both the infrastructure and application tiers and we are now ready to tackle our adoption to the cloud armed with the answers we need.

  • Right Priority - We now understand the complexity and interdependency of services and components to the rest of the environment architecture
  • Right-Sizing the environment - We now understanding which resources are required to move along with their required resource consumption patterns
  • Best Migration Strategy - We now understand the current end-to-end transactions through architecture and can choose the best migration strategy (rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild)


In this section, you should have completed the following:

✅ Add the Dynatrace OneAgent to EZ-travel application

✅ Review real-time data now available for the EZ-travel application

✅ Review how Dynatrace helps with Pre-Migration Planning