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You have now seen first-hand how Dynatrace’s AI can transform how your work through its ability cutting through the noise, continuously watching for anomalies, and serving precise answers to what is impacting your business.

Additionally, you have learned how to leverage Dynatrace data to identify and address common hotspots in modern application architectures without all the labor required to review logs, multiple tools and dashboards of traditional methods.

You should come away from this workshop understanding how to:

  • Automatically discover applications, services, processes, and build a complete dependency mapping for the entire application environment
  • Achieve full end-user, application and infrastructure visibility for BOTH your classic, on-premise systems AND your modern cloud environments with a single solution
  • Significantly reduce troubleshooting time by letting AI automatically detect problems and pinpoints the root cause, explaining business impact with no manual configurations
  • Ensure customers are not impacted or disrupted during the migration to AWS and the modernization of applications and infrastructure
  • Capture and analyze transactions end-to-end across every tier of technology stack, from the browser all the way down to the code and database level

Next Steps

Explore the material on Dynatrace’s website, Dynatrace’s blog as well as many YouTube tutorials. Here are a few to get you started:

You have a fully feature enabled 15 day Dynatrace trial, so keep using it to monitor and manage your infrastructure and applications.

Workshop Cleanup

When you are ready, just follow these last two steps to clean up the resources that were setup just for this workshop.