AWS Modernization and advanced observability with Dynatrace


Join Dynatrace and AWS at this hands-on workshop and we’ll help you define a migration strategy for a low-risk, smooth transition to the cloud. You’ll use advanced observability as a tool to give you actionable insights every step of the way – from assessing, planning, migrating, and finally – optimization!


You’ll begin the workshop looking through the lens of an engineer at a mythical company called “Mythical Mysfits”. As a new member of the team, you’ll jump in for hands-on tasks on provisioning AWS resources, installing Dynatrace software intelligence for monitoring AWS, and building and learning key full-stack metrics to help guide you through the rest of the course.

What will you learn?

  • How to use technology to automatically discovery end-to-end applications, including services, processes, and hosts – a complete dependency map for the entire environment.
  • How you can open full end-user, application and infrastructure visibility for BOTH your classic, on-premises systems AND your modern cloud environments with one single solution.
  • How you can significantly reduce troubleshooting by using AI and automation to detect problems, pinpoint root cause, and get the business impact. All with zero configuration to the process.
  • How to detect if customers are impacted or disrupted by the migration process because you’ll analyze data across the capture of transactions across all tiers of the tech stack – from the browser, to the code and database level.
  • Enjoyment as you see meaningless alerts disappear – and have them replaced with actionable alerts that include contextual data for super-fast MTTR.

Who should attend?

  • Application teams 
  • Architects 
  • Developers
  • Technical leads
  • Operations engineers
  • Infrastructure teams 

Workshop Structure

The workshop is broken into the following sections and you should plan on 2.5 hours for completion of the course.

  • Prerequisites (10 minutes) - Ensure your Dynatrace and AWS accounts are set-up
  • Workshop setup (20 minutes) - Run scripts that will provision AWS resources, deploy sample application, and configure Dynatrace
  • Dynatrace in a nut-shell (10 minutes) - Review how Dynatrace supports migration and modernization
  • Workshop exercises (90 minutes) - Divided into three modules mapped to migration phases: mobilize, migrate, modernize, operate
  • Cleanup Resources (5 minutes) - Tear down workshop resources and keep on using the Free Trial!

To make the most of the session, you should: