Migrate and Modernize

Re-hosting (also referred to as lift and shift) is a common migration use case. Re-architecture and Re-platform are steps that break the traditional monolithic architectures and replace individual components with cloud services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), which replaces on-premises relational databases) and Amazon DynamoDB, which replaces NoSQL databases. These steps can also replace newly-developed microservices, including containerized or serverless.

We just learned how we can get great information on back-end services, front-end API services, or user-facing features using Dynatrace and OneAgent. This helps us now decide what individual features or complete applications based on business benefits we need to migrate and modernize. The idea here is to focus on feature-based business benefit with functional migration.


Meet Henrik, from the development team who is leading the easyTravel modernization implementation. We will work together with him as he begins the journey to move from the current easyTravel monolith to microservices.

Objectives of this section

🔹 Validate and Optimize Cloud Architecture

🔹 Validate Migration Progress

🔹 Validate Performance and Scalability