Dynatrace OneAgent


Dynatrace’s OneAgent provides:

  • A set of specialized processes that run on each monitored host. OneAgent collects metrics from the operating system it runs on and compares the metrics to performance metrics. The metrics are then reported to Dynatrace.
  • Monitors technologies like Java, Node.js, .NET and more in greater detail by injecting itself into processes and monitors performance with code level insights.
  • Delivers Real User Monitoring by injecting a JavaScript tag into the HTML of each application page that is rendered by your web servers.


The OneAgent can be automatically installed and rolled out through configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform or by just including the download and install into any custom deployment script.

Check out this blog for another option to Simplify OneAgent installation with AWS CloudFormation Registry

You can review the process to manually install and try it one of your hosts with this guide.