Meet Emma from the Cloud Operations team who is already a bit stressed about supporting the current systems, now has some concerns about what is coming with the new changes. Here are a few:

  • The current set of monitoring tools simply don’t work in the complex ecosystem of microservices and for technologies like Kubernetes
  • Finding root cause of problems harder than ever before and the effort required goes beyond what is humanly possible when the application spans to the cloud providers and data centers and the explosion of interconnected services
  • There are more possibilities for failures and more hiding spots for problems to sneak into the environment when software driving more than just the application
  • Being woken up in the middle of the night and interfering with your weekends and vacations due to sev1 issues Emma was very skeptical when she first heard about Davis, Dynatrace’s deterministic AI engine that automatically detects problems for you and pinpoints the root cause and explains the business impact without needing any manual configurations.

But Emma knew a new way is required and it was time to rethink and transform how the team could leverage monitoring and observability, and after seeing Davis in action she is knows Davis will address her concerns and help the whole easyTravel team.

Objectives of this section

🔹 Understand how DAVIS identifies problems - learn about smart baselines

🔹 See a detailed example for problem and walk through what Davis found